To Justin, You'll Forever Be Missed


Please humor me, for I know not why, what, or where this is going, but I cannot help but express my sorrow and love for one of our own- Justin Shearer-as well as his fiancee, Erin.

I (Tedd) love what I do. Owning and working at a homebrew shop enables me the opportunity to meet some of the world's most fun, generous, and all-around incredible people. I find myself perpetually amazed at how much my life has been enhanced through the relationships I've developed while toiling away in this tiny dust box of malts and sugar alchemy. Our customers are invaluable to me, not just from a bottom line business perspective, but from a human one. So many of you have come into this shop and made yourself home. You are our friends, and I consider all my friends to be family.

On Wednesday June 7th, 2017, we lost a beloved member of our family, Justin Shearer. Many of you knew Justin, at least in passing. He was an excellent brewer and had more passion for beer than anyone I know. It was Justin who is responsible for our doing trivia at our Brewers Socials. He would often bring copious amounts of beer to share and distribute as prizes. Some of you were lucky enough to win one of his candles, which were housed inside empty beer bottles.

Justin and Erin were the first non-family members to hold my newborn baby, Bodhi, nearly 2 months ago. We took Bodhi out on his first outing, to the Wedge, and met them there. Justin had so much love in his heart and compassion, enthusiasm, and generosity exuded from his personality unlike anyone I've known. He could, and did, make fast friends of anyone, as is evidenced in the hundreds of people that called him a friend from around the globe. Truly, nothing bad could ever be said of him, and we mourn his passing and Erin's deep loss.

In less than a week, Justin and Erin were to be wed. They were so excited to get married. My wife and I were very much looking forward to sharing their special day with them. It's so surreal that I was just earlier in the week supplying some goods that they needed. Justin was bottling special beers for the occasion. This weekend, he was going to bring me some dvds of a band he turned me onto (he turned me onto a lot of great music). To have these two robbed of their special day adds so much insult to what we all already consider a grave theft. He should not be gone.

There is a meal train set up for Erin and her visiting parents. If you'd like to contribute, you can sign up at  There is also a gofundme that has been set up.

I know how many people Justin affected in this community. If anyone needs to talk, I'm available. Justin, I love you, man. Erin, I love you and we support you. I don't know when the tears will end, but we won't stop remembering Justin and his incredibly bright and inspiring personality.

Much love forever,


Justin with Bodhi

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  • Theodore Clevenger
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