These kits are amazing. If you've ever struggled with pressing apples, straining them, worrying about pasteurizing and pectic enzymes, etc...., then you'll be thrilled to discover these kits. With several cider offerings, including a standard apple and an English-style Perry (pear cider), you'll find a concentrate that works for you.

Each kit comes with concentrate sufficient for 6 gallons of cider as well as the yeast. The only other ingredients necessary are 2 lbs of corn sugar (we sell it in both 1lb and 4lb quantities) and water. If you already make beer or wine, then you have all the equipment you need (except maybe caps and a capper, winemakers).

Cider Kits

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Corn Sugar/Dextrose
Corn Sugar/Dextrose


From $ 3.50 $ 5.80
Corn Sugar/Dextrose

Corn Sugar/Dextrose

$ 3.50

For boosting gravity. Also used in cider production. Buy big and save!

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