Product Description

A wonderful and refreshing lager-like German ale. With delicious light malts and a refined, balanced hopping, this bier is great to drink year round. Happily enjoyed by craft beer lovers, Kolsch can even appeal to those friends of yours that just don't get what's so great about all them new craft beers and those bitter IPOs or whatever them dern newfangled froofroo drinks is called.

NOTE: This beer prefers to ferment at the cooler end of the ale fermenting spectrum; it's most happy and clean in the low to mid 60's, but can tolerate both slightly cooler and slightly warmer temps (preferably not in the 70s).

We are now INCLUDING, free of charge, ice packs with all liquid yeasts! If you prefer, opt for a dry yeast, which requires no ice pack.

$ 43.00

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