Brewers Best Stainless Kettle

Product Description

Available in both 8 and 16 gallon sizes, this is a great economy kettle at a great price! Graduated Volume Markers are embossed and the lid is included.  Wall and bottom thickness: 0.8mm. 

The ported option includes two 1/2" NPT welded ports and is great for the brewer looking to up their game a bit! Identical design, but with a wall and bottom thickness of 1mm. The bottom coupler is 1.5" off the bottom, used for ball valve. Top coupler 6" off the bottom, used for thermometer.

We can sell you the ported kettle with or without accessories; just select your desired option from the drop down. Also available is the false bottom, specifically designed to fit these kettles! You can find ball valves and thermometers separately as well.

These do NOT have a tri-clad bottom. If you're looking for a beefier kettle, please look at our Brewer's BEAST kettles, which are available with the same options, but with thicker steel and a tri-clad bottom.


$ 58.75

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