Beer Wine Refractometer with ATC

Product Description

Refractometers measure sugar in an aqueous solution. Because they require such a small sample, they are a great alternative to hydrometers, which require several ounces of liquid and a test tube. This refractometer features Automatic Temperature Correction and both Brix and Specific Gravity scales. These are great for measuring the sugar content of grapes (to help know when to harvest), fruits or juices, and wort. We use ours a lot when making all-grain beer to take pre-boil gravity readings to ensure we don't need to add any dry malt extract to adjust the gravity.

Since alcohol affects the refractive properties of liquids, the refractometer can only be used on unfermented wort or must, or other sugar solutions. Final gravity (density after fermentation) must be calculated, rather than measured directly, or a hydrometer must be used.

Kit includes refractometer, hard case, tiny calibration screwdriver, and pipette for drawing samples.

Measurement Range: 0-32% Brix; 1.000-1.13 SG
Measurement Accuracy: 1-2%

$ 39.75

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