AlcoEngine Copper Reflux Still Condenser

Product Description

The Copper Reflux Still Condenser is designed to create high percentage pure neutral spirit.  It features a flow management device, which makes it extremely easy to use. No need to worry about fine tuning the water flow speed. As long as your providing enough coolant or cold water running through the condenser, the flow rate doesn't matter. The purity of the spirit can be controlled by two included flow control inserts. These brass inserts come with a 1.0mm hole and 0.6mm hole. As the hole gets smaller, the rate at which the spirit exits the condenser will decrease, thus increasing your reflux ratio and the purity of your spirit.

If you want to make whiskeys and gins we recommend checking out the Copper Pot Still!

This is only the still top and does not come with a boiler. Combine with a distillation lid to use a BrewZilla as the base for this AlcoEngine brand still top.

Comes with 13 mm (0.51") barb connections for the water inlet and outlet.

We may expediently drop ship this item if it is not in-store.

$ 138.00

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