Intertap- Stainless Faucet with Flow Control

Product Description

We REALLY like these forward sealing Intertap faucets- they're the most innovative faucet we've seen since Perlick, and at a more reasonable price!

Made entirely of stainless steel, these will last a loooooong time and due to their unique design, off-flavors and "sticking" are prevented. Flow control helps with those finicky kegs or highly carbonated beers; it's worth it. 

Addtitionally, the faucet tips are interchangeable, allowing you the opportunity convert your faucet into a real stout faucet, attach a growler filler, or even a ball lock post for jumping to a keg!

Check out the video from Intertap on what makes their product superior to the rest on the market!

$ 46.00

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