Chapman Univessel (14 Gal)

Product Description

Plastic scratches. Glass breaks. Stainless reigns supreme, but is expensive- until now!

These stainless steel fermentors from Chapman Brewing won't break like glass, scratch like plastic, breath like plastic, or allow damaging UV rays to penetrate into the goodness inside! May also be used as a small brew pot. Available ported or portless.  


  • Pressed gallon markings (no worry of removing graduations with chemicals)
  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect for 10-12 gallon batches with plenty of head space
  • Comes with a #10 rubber stopper and airlock
  • 17" inner diameter, 20" height
  • 19" diameter at widest point and 24" height (including ball valve and airlock)
  • Ported versions include 3-piece ball valve
  • Lid has removable silicone gasket for a tight sanitary seal.

*** FREE SHIPPING (on ported model)! We may drop ship if not currently on our shelves. You will not incur any additional fees.***

$ 180.00

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